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MTD 40PO Lawn Mower Review

MTD 40PO Rotary Lawn Mower feels sporty much with its looks and some features that are optional. The quality and durability levels are good while the technology is no non-sense and would definitely suit the medium sized lawns. This is perfect equipment for the domestic use. The equipment level of use is really good as it gives almost what is required. The details are discussed in this review.

Design and Type:
MTD 40PO Self Propelled Lawn Mower is designed with the rotary type of cutting system. The mode of transmission is self propelled which lets the user to move the mower in his required speed. The body is made of steel material which has red colour finish. Considering the weight it is only 27kg. The wheels are large which gives good movement and they are in the same size with the diameter of 180mm.
MTD 40PO Lawn Mower


This is a perfect one for the domestic use and it works with the efficient engine of type MTD ThorX 35, 123 cm3. The engine is put to start with the pull start system. The engine helps to ride exceptionally well and as desired with the self propelled drive system. The handle is designed to give perfect control which lets you change the direction and works well when there required a twist or turn.

Cutting System:

The cutting width of 40cm makes it well to complete the mowing task easily. The cutting height can also be set variable with the height adjustment at 6 different positions. The cutting height can be set minimum at 20mm and can go maximum up to 90mm. This adjustment can be easily made with the help of the knob which allows changing the cutting height instantly and even on the go.

Features and Functions:

There is a choice of function whether the grass clipping are bagged or set for rear discharge or take up a mulching process which is optional that comes in a separate kit. However, one needs to know that this model is compatible and is been equipped with the required provision to perform various activities.

In case of bagging the grass clippings the grass is been collected in the grass bag which is present in the rear side and is made of soft bag that is breathable to accommodate more quantity. The size of the grass bag is with 60 litres capacity. Optionally the grass clipping can also be set for the rear discharge which eliminates the task of disposal of the collected grass yet works as nutrition. More so the interesting and the useful type is the mulching which is possible in this mower with the additional purchase of the mulch kit. In this case the grass clippings are further cut into tiny pieces and are left behind in the lawn to add up the nutrition.

The other features of MTD 40PO Mulching Lawn Mower are the handle that is both adjustable and foldable. This makes it appropriate for the users of any age group. The deflector is in the standard size. The wheels have rubber tyre to make the drive smoother. The deck made of steel helps to reduce the weight of the product and it also withstands any small hits.

On the whole this model is placed in the right manner for greater attention. It does a great job when used for the domestic purpose and the manufacturer seems to support the product with a reasonable guarantee.


Manufacturer MTD
Model Name 40PO Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower Type Self Propelled
Deck Steel
Cutting width 40 cm
Power 1700 Watts
Engine MTD ThorX 35, 123 cm3
Start system Pull
Handle Adjustable
Cutting system Rotary blades
Cutting heights in mm 20 – 90 mm
Mulching system Optional
Product weight 27 kg
Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawn Mower

Stiga is a brand in love with garden products which surprises the market with great many products with higher efficiency and performance in the lawn care. Their products are so adorable too which turns the brand as one among the best in the field of lawn care. Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawn Mower is though to be compact, good looking and the one for the next generation too, more about it is discussed in the following review.


This model is quite popular for its speed which gives a record time of much earlier than the conventional models. Both the design and the technology are relatively impressive which means it is a welcoming product. The first thing noticed is the appearance which is a bright yellow colour in grey colour combination. The dimension states it to be compact equipment when considering the ride-on models. The dimension goes as 230cm in length and 100cm in width. The weight is also considerable optimised with 172kg giving it a complete sturdy appearance. On the other hand it functions with petrol fuel and has an impressive engine to work with.

Power and Engine:

Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Yellow Colour Lawn Mower is powered with a single cylinder engine of brand Briggs & Stratton which the power of 500CC. This product works with the articulated steering and hydrostatic drive which makes a revolution. It is genuine in quality and the range of products in this series offers better reliability, comfort and functional abilities. The maximum speed it can set on is 9km/hour.

Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Mower

Cutting size:

The deck size of this model is available with the option of 95cm or 105cm which is also the cutting width. The cutting height can be set with the variable positions which is from 25mm to 85mm. The cutting height can be set in 10 different levels with the simple adjustment of the lever.

Ergonomic features:

Quite obvious are the wheel of this model which one cannot go without noticing. The wheel size is 16” in the front and 16” in the rear side. The steering link is either with the chain or wire. The fuel tank capacity is 6 litres which is good enough as it requires only few stops for emptying. The deck lift is operated with the foot and the seat is also adjustable. The front deck gives the user some wonderful experience as it gives unrivalled visibility, handles rougher end of things.


Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Petrol Ride-On Lawn Mower works at its best for cutting, collecting, side discharge and mulching. This four wheeled ride on mower easily works under the bush, over the edges and does the mowing with the set cutting height. The mulching feature which is available in this model allows the grass to finely cut which is left behind the lawn as a feed to the soil. This adds nutrients to the soil making it more fertile. The rear roller function gives stripped effect which adds to the beauty of the lawn space.


Looking good, working excellent and when considering the other good stuffs it is compact among the ride-on category of product. The warranty of 3 years is provided for this model and it is 10 years for chassis which sets the worry aside.


Manufacturer Stiga
Model Name Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawn Mower
Type Ride-on
Colour Yellow
Engine power 500 CC
Dimension (L x W)cm 230 x 100 cm
Weight 172kg
Lawn size 1.5 to 2.0 acre
Power source Petrol
Drive Front wheel drive
Engine B&S Power Built AVS
Deck size 95cm or 105cm
Cutting heights in mm 25 – 85 mm
Height adjusting positions 10
Rear roller Yes
Starting Key
Fuel capacity 6.0 litres
Transmission Hydrostatic
Maximum speed 9 km/hr
Mulching Yes
Noise Emission 100 dBa
Warranty 3 years
AL-KO 3600E Powerline Electric Lawnmower

AL-KO is been super charged with quality products and it stretches to the latest technology, innovation to bring out the best in each of the products. Smiles pop up when its customers look into the variety of lawn mower models with different functions, power, size and design. Like wise AL-KO 3600E Powerline Electric 1300 Watts Lawnmower is one among the powerful electric mower which is engaged with the grass catcher system. More details about this product can be obtained in the following review.


The good things about AL-KO 3600E Powerline Self Propelled Lawnmower is to keep the product with the comfort of use. The handle does have its luxury built into it which is both adjustable and foldable. It gives the optimised comfort for the user of any age. Such self propelled mowers needs to have a comfortable handle to bring in better control for the user. The handle is also foldable and hence it gives a compact storage.

The grass collector is comes in the enclosed style which gives extreme protection keeping the pollen and the dust under control. This option works well for the allergy sufferers and hence can confidently take up the mowing function.

Additional to the above features is the fill level indicator. The fill indicator intimates when the grass collector gets full and needs a parking to empty. However, the grass box is large with the volume 36 litres. The size is large enough and less emptying is required.

The Basics:

This model works well for the mid-sized lawns. The housing with red colour finish is bright and beautiful. It works with the electric power with 1300 Watts. It weighs 19kg and hence it makes handling easy. The deck is made of ABS material. This is durable and it smartly handles the hits.

Cutting Details:

The cutting width is 36cm; it works with the rotary blade. It brings out the best mowing results much quicker and makes it effective. The cutting height is variable. The cutting width can be set with the minimum of 16mm and the maximum of 70mm. The cutting height can be set at 5 different levels with the simple lever adjustment. This makes it user friendly and gets going without the need of any additional tool.

Other Product Details:

AL-KO 3600E Powerline Electric Lawnmower is been operated with the self propelled transmission. It has a safety lock off switch. The fill level indicator does make the product a complete one. The warranty available for this model is 2 years fro labour and 3 years for parts.


Manufacturer AL-KO
Model Name 3600E Powerline Electric Lawnmower
Lawn Mower Type Self Propelled
Deck ABS
Cutting width 36 cm
Colours available Red
Power source Electric
Motor 1300 Watts
Transmission Self propelled
Handles Foldable and adjustable
Cutting system Rotary blades
Cutting heights in mm 16 – 70mm
Grass bag capacity in litres 36 litres
Product weight 19 kg
Ideal for Lawn size Medium
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Folding Handle Yes
Height adjustable handle Yes
Safety Lock-off Switch Yes
Mulching system No
Fill level indicator Yes
Warranty Labour – 2 years; Parts – 3 years
Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Lawn Mower

The repeated lawn maintenance in the home stretch might have seemed to have stolen a lot of time for a many until they discovered an efficient lawn mower. Ryobi is one among the largest brand in the world, they have geared up for the sustainable development and hence each of its products comes with full realisation. Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Petrol Lawn Mower is domestic equipment which is said to perform better than expected; it is possible to get more details on this product in the following review.


Like any other model of this brand this mower is also bound with the environmental consideration. It is made of robust deck which is yellow in colour. The grass bag is made of fabric material which allows more fillings than the hard box type of collectors. The cutting system is rotary and it works with the petrol fuel. The highlight of Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Mulching Lawn Mower is the 3in1 function.

Drive and Engine:

This petrol operated engine sets the user free from the tangling electric wires and it gives the cordless advantage. The engine equipped is of make Subaru of 175CC. This is powerful and gives a quick and easy mowing experience. The mower is been operated with self-propelled system and hence it gets on the perfect control of the user.

Cutting Details:

The cutting width which this mower can give is 46cm which is suitable for the mid-sized lawns. It speeds up the mowing process and saves much on the energy and time. It also gives the option to set variable cutting height from 19mm to 76mm among which 7 different settings can be made. The cutting height adjustment can be made with the single point adjustment which is simple and easy.


The 3 different functions of Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Self-Propelled Lawn Mower are cutting and collection in which the grass clippings are cut and collected in the grass bag which is present in the rear side. The grass clippings are collected to the maximum and can be discharge later. On the other hand the side discharge option is also available in which the grass clippings that are cut are disposed off in the side discharge. Another interesting and efficient cutting system is the mulching option which is available. In this option the grass clippings are further cut into tiny bits and are left back into the soil to add the nutrients of the soil. This makes it healthy for both the environment and the lawn.

Other Product Details:

This model has bumpers which protect the mower during the times of cutting close to the hard surface. This keeps the housing free from dents and hits. The weight of this equipment is just 32.5kg which serves well to carry it easily. The mulching function which is a re-distribution is a healthy option which acts as a natural fertilizer. The standard equipment which is been provided with this model are the 55 litres capacity grass bag and a mulching plug.

Mower Specifications

Manufacturer Ryobi
Model Name RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Lawn Mower
Mower Type Rotary
Blade Type Metal Blade
Discharge 3 in 1
Engine model Petrol, Subaru 175 CC
Cutting Width in cm 46
Cutting heights in mm 19mm to 76mm
Functions Collector, mulch (Optional) and side discharge
Drive Self-Propelled
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Height adjustment Yes – 7 positions
Folding Handle Yes
Starter Ready electric start
Safety Lock-off Switch Yes
Ball bearing wheels Yes
Lawn size Medium
Weight 32.5 kg
Grass bag capacity 55 litres
Bumpers Yes
Standard equipment 55 litre grass bag, mulching plug
Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower Review

Robomow, the brand name otherwise known as Friendly Robotix, laid its foundation in 1995. They have brought in many cost effective products for the domestic lawn care. Here is the product which works automatically and suitable for large scale lawn maintenance for the domestic use. The following is review of Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower.


Compact in structure with the unique ability to maintain the lawn automatically is the highlight of this product. This model has a yellow colour housing and takes the dimension of 890mm in length, 665mm in width and 315mm in height.  The weight of the unit is 23.7 kg and the weight of power pack is 13.2 kg. This combination makes it compact equipment which also makes a packed together storage.

Functions and Technologies:

Robomow RL555 Automatic Yellow Colour Lawn Mower is been equipped with mulching systems. It consists of heavy duty innovative 3 blades, which helps in the mulching system. This function helps to add more nutrients to the lawn as the grass clippings are cut into smaller pieces and are left behind the lawn.

The safety of the mower is ensured with its sensors that are present in the bumpers; mower lifted deduction and also has a child lock. It is capable of identifying the obstacles like rocks and even trees. All of these are possible with a one time organising of peg wire around the edges of the lawn. The mower recognises the wire with its sensor and stays with in the wire space.

Technical Details:

The cutting height can be set in the choice of minimum 20mm to a maximum of 57mm. This helps to give a novel appearance to the lawn over and over again. The blade speed is 5800 RPM and the blade replacement is simple which requires absolutely no tooling. The mower has 53cm as the total cutting width and it is been supported with 3 blades. The motor embedded has the power of 3×150 Watts. This model functions with the battery power and has a maintenance-free “Drop and Go” 24 Volts battery. The average work time this power pack can offer is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes with the charging time of 20 hours. This model is suitable for all types of lawn and the recommended lawn size is 600sq. metres for application.


The lift sensor present in Robomow RL555 Automatic 53cm Cutting Width Lawn Mower stops the rotations of the blades instantly when the mover is lifted. The bumpers sensors capable of sensing the bumps present around the lawn. The over current monitoring protection protects the equipments from getting over heat. A buzzer is present which intimates before the departure and it is heard for 5 minutes which warns the people to clear the area. Further present is the anti-theft guard for additional safety.

Overall, this model is innovative and convenient for use, it gives more of free time and it is also safe for operations. The cutting edge technology works at its best to bring a beautiful looking lawn. It is also environment friendly and has easy to use interface with the LCD display panel and audio.

Robomow RL555 Specifications

Manufacturer Robomow
Model Name RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Mower Type Automatic
Dimension (L x W x H)mm 890 x 665 x 315 mm
Cutting height 20-57mm
Colours available Yellow
Weight Unit – 23.7kg; power pack – 13.2kg
Charging Automatic
Water resistance Yes
Lawn size Up to 600 sq. m
Interface Illuminated LCD display panel and audio, easy to use menus
Mowing type Patented mulching system
Blade speed 5800 RPM
Cutting width 53cm
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Noise level 76.6 db
Remote Yes
Slopes Up to 15 degrees
Rain sensor Yes
Power pack Exclusive drop and go 24 volt batteries
2 x 17 AH sealed lead acid
Charging time 20 hours approximately
Work time 2:10 hours
Wheel drive Smooth
Safety features Automatic operation
Child guard
Lift sensor
Sensors equipped bumpers
Perimeter switch
Over current monitoring protection
Automatic warning alert
Tilt sensor
Anti-theft guard
Environment friendly