AL-KO 3600E Powerline Electric Lawnmower

AL-KO is been super charged with quality products and it stretches to the latest technology, innovation to bring out the best in each of the products. Smiles pop up when its customers look into the variety of lawn mower models with different functions, power, size and design. Like wise AL-KO 3600E Powerline Electric 1300 Watts [...]

AL-KO 46B BIO Classic Lawn Mower

Precisely AL-KO the brand founded during 1931 is professional makers of garden maintenance products. Among the wide variety of products lawn mowers forms a major segment that comprises of many models based on its power and functionality. AL-KO 46B BIO Classic Domestic Lawn Mower is one of them and the following is the review of [...]

AL-KO 48BWR Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower Review

AL-KO born with the spirit of innovation during 1931 and has established its name in about 30 countries. It port folio of products is been spread to 40 segments and the lawn mowers manufacturing is one among them. Overview: AL-KO 48BWR Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower comfortably falls under the category of its ‘Premium Range’, promising [...]

AL-KO 460B Classic Petrol Lawn Mower Review

AL-KO – the brand with a broad spectrum of products that talks of technological products and garden machinery lives to the expectation of its customers. Each of its products is superior to the previous models and come with specialization. Al-KO 460B Classic Petrol Lawn Mower that is been reviewed is a new addition in the [...]

Alko 470E Electric Lawn Mower Review

Alko 470E Electric Lawn Mower gets in to the revolution of the best and the latest 3 in 1 high wheel lawn mower. Engineered with the rotary type of cutting the 3 functions that combines to make it enduring are collecting, munching and rear discharge. These are generally common with non electric mowers are not [...]