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About Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Lawn Mower

Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Lawn Mower

The mains that are electric and the powerful engine with 1700 Watts present in Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Lawn Mower enable to obtain the expected performance for the medium to large size lawns. The cutting width of 43 cm and the cutting height that is variable increases the convenience of the mowing. The two features that enable the mower to be called an expedient model are the light weight structure and the adjustable handles. The overall weight of this Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower is 13.5 kg. Innovative is this 4 wheeled mower with the wide selection in the cutting height with its 10 stage setting. The desk is so designed to meet all the edged and the border line without any mess up.

The performance of rear roller gives a neat stripped effect and so is the grass collector with large capacity of 50 litres. The power drive motor can handle even the unpreserved or poorly maintained lawn space in an easy way giving a neat finish as it can cut even the long grass with fewer efforts. Bosch Rotak 43 Electric Mower comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty.

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