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Hayter has been synonymous with British Grass cutting for well over half a century. Pioneers of the rotary lawn mower, Hayter has become a household name bringing you a wide range of lawn mowers to suit your needs. Hayter’s product suite of lawn mower comprises electric, rear roller, commercial walk behind, four wheeled mowers and cylinder & rotary ride-Ons. You will also find trailed cylinder & walk behind tractors, scarifiers and petrol hovers for larger areas from Hayter in this section.

Driven by a powerful induction motor/ATB electric motor, the Hayter Electric Lawn mowers designed for striped lawn have a robust deck, high impact deck (ABS polymer), seven height of cut setting, single counter-balanced lever, full width bail arm & split rear/ribbed roller, foldable handlebars, front fins, fabric grassbag, aluminium chassis (with all key mounting points fixed to it), push drive system, rubber rimmed wheels and OPC (Operator Presence Control (for risk-free operation). Weighing between 23 kg - 29 kg, these lawn mowers can be started by a push button. The lawn mowers have the wheels and rollers fitted with ball race bearings with a homeowner warranty of 2 years.

Driven by Briggs & Stratton series of engines and powered with ReadyStart, the Hayter Rear roller rotaries feature a revolutionary design with an aluminium skeleton chassis built into the construction with strong ABS polymer formed underdeck and covers and can be made use without grassbag like a rear discharge mower. As key features, they also have a cutterblade friction disc attached for lifetime warranty against engine crankshaft bending, die-cast aluminium deck, steel rear roller at the back (for selected models) and split differential ribbed rear roller. Available in electric, push, autodrive drive and autodrive variable speed systems, they weigh in the range of 29kg - 50kg and allow you to achieve precision cutting and classic stripes.

With Hayter Four Wheel lawn mowers, you will be able to handle rougher grassed areas as well as leave a superb finish on small-medium sized lawns. Weighing between 35 kg and 61 kg and powered by electric start B & S 'ReadyStart’ engines, these four wheel lawn mowers have 'Recycle-on-demand' feature, Sens-a-Speed variable speed transmission, quick storage facility, large capacity grassbag, autodrive self propulsion, external side steel skirts, 6-9 heights of cut, front bumper bar and long life ball wheel bearings as their key features, besides the regular features of Hayter Electric Lawn mowers/Roller rotaries. The four wheel lawn mower version gives you 3 ways to dispose grass clippings, i.e., side discharge, rear collection and recycling. A few selected models also come with finned deck, 4 swinging blades and reinforced axle plates. There is also the heavy duty version of the 4-wheel lawn mower version, weighing 56 kg, built with a low vibration Kawasaki engine,  die cast aluminium deck, strong cutterblade(plus anti-scalp disc), Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) system.

The Hayter Ride-on Cylinder mowers are designed for mowing in areas of limited manoeuvrability and restricted access such as bollards, gates or for transport on trailers or within vans. Some of the key features of the compact size Ride-on Cylinder mowers include Kubota engine, narrow transport width, independent cutter head lift, 2/4 wheel drive configurations, optional LSDL (Limited Slip Diff Lock), OPS (Overheat Protection System), dual screen air-intake filters, swing-out oil cooler, tilting operator platform (for excellent Service Access), tilting platform engine, cover, easily removable centre bulkhead & storage pod, foot pedal layout, control console, steering column, adjustable suspension seat, ECM (Electronic Control Module), on-board machine diagnostics, limited lift to Cutter units (including in reverse), visual/audible warning and 2WD/4WD Transmission System, 5 bar oil cooler, open core radiator matrix (easy to clean), full weather ROPS approved Cab (optional), high specification tyres, rear crash frame, heater & air conditioning systems, 2 switchable modes (Road & Work), two outer cutting units (breakback system) and rear axle.

With improved traction and control, fast, highly manoeuvrable and more professional features, the compact Ride-on Rotary mowers are incorporated with TURBO FORCE cutting deck, clustered controls (below operator’s left elbow), robust caster fork assemblies, tubular steel carrier frame, Recycler blades (Toro Recycler technology), generous fuel capacity, high strength steel decks, spindle assemblies, biodiesel-ready mowers, low centre of gravity, flex-resistant blades, rubber discharge chute, bull-nose front bumper, nice after-cut appearance, softside bagging, DFS, hanger castings, Recycler kit options, deck struts (plus rubber bushings), solid links, easy oil changes to levelling decks, simple height adjustments,  pump & wheel motor combination, large bolsters,  3-D isolator mounts, thick cushions,  single fill point fuel tank, Toro Z Stand and  Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engines.

A few Hayter Ride-on Rotary mower models come with other key features including crack-resistant welded-steel construction, hydraulic deck lift system, Oil Cooler/Radiator, PTO driven gearbox (on  cutterdeck), heavy-duty 'B' section belts, side discharge & base deck, independent hydraulic motors & Rotary Decks, breakback system, dual pedal, puncture preventative tyre, variable Speed Control, cast iron spindle housings (w/ steel spindle shafts), muffler guard, centred fuel tank, adjustable front baffle (tool-free, patented), wide stance, wide drive tyre, flip-up operator and suspension platform.

Weighing between 48.5 kg and 61 kg, the Hayter Heavy duty walk behind mowers are designed for a wide range of professional mowing applications. These walk behind mowers are built with exceptional visibility, better positioning (for obstacle free steering), enhanced operator comfort, good traction and handling, superb after-cut appearance and would lighten a heavy workload for sure. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, you can find several key features in these mowers such as full steering control, semi-pneumatic flat-free caster tyres, ergonomic controls, fixed speed autodrive system (for Autodrive models), enhancement fins, steel rear roller (at the back), variable ground speed, single lever height of cut (counter-balanced) and two Piece folding (only in selected models) besides the regular features of a Ride-on Rotary mower. The Grandstand & Compact Grandstand Ride-On Petrol Zero Turn models, a cross between zero-turn riders and mid-size walk-behinds weigh 399.6kg and are covered under a warranty of 5 years/1200 hours with lifetime frame to original owner. Weighing about 241kg (531lb) and driven by Kawasaki engine, the Mid-Size range (32RD, 36RD, 48RD & Flail) models come with several attachments including 3 Rear Discharge deck, one Flail attachment, hydro-drive pistol grip, dual wheel, cleated tyre kit (optional), vertical pin height of cut system (easy to change) and 7-gauge steel deck construction.

The Walk Behind mowers offer the professional users with a wide range of high quality and performance walk behind mowers for general purpose mowing. Check out some of its features including generous discharge chute, efficiently fed & densely packed clippings, low vibration motor, large crankshaft, rear discharge & side discharge kit (optional) in addition to the standard features of Ride-on Rotary mowers. The 66cm Hi-Vac (Heavy Duty Mower) comes with a 25% rise in productivity in comparison with 53 cm (21”) mowers. The Mid Size mower is a dual-blade, out-front mounted rotary mower that comes with optional accessories including soft bag kit, recycler kit and bagging enhancement kit.

Weighing in the range of 168kg - 241kg, Hayter Cylinder Ride-ons/Tractors are designed for larger garden and are handy particularly when conditions are damp. They are integrated with several features including twin-lever control system, 6 speed manual gear box (number of forward gears/reverse speeds), nice tight turning circle, zero-turn facility, rear discharge, grass collector, different cutting height ranges, audible signal, 6 heights of cut, fully enclosed engine, floating centrally mounted cutting deck (plus hose attachment), light steering geometry, easy-to-use controls, step through design, hydrostatic drive lever (hand operated), anti scalp wheels and mulching kit (optional). These tractors also allow you to set the Cutting deck to either side discharge or mulch when collection is not needed.

The Hayter trailed cylinder tractors are high output lawn tractor drawn gang mowers that give you superior performance in wet, heavy grass growth or excellent quality playing surfaces. Some of their unique features include remote electrical controls, electro hydraulic controls (optional), synchronised hydraulic braking, torsion beam suspension, twin beam chassis, wide angle PTO, ring hitch, cutting unit mountings, hydraulic lift cylinders, high quality pivot pins, replaceable metal bushes, Wing unit spring, large oil reservoir, 4-in-cab cable control levers, direct mounted hydraulic pumps, replaceable bushes, independent pump (for lower functions/cutter unit lift), high visibility lighting and heavy duty wheels.

Driven by Honda Engines, Hayter hover mowers are great for mowing difficult slopes and banks, fine & informal lawn, long grasses, orchard and easily glides on a cushion of air that allows motion in any direction, much faster than conventional wheeled mowers with great power to weight ratio. Not to mention that it can give you a clean cut with minimal bruising. Weighing somewhere between 13 kg and 19 kg, some of its distinct features and accessories include Oregon FlexiBlade system, air inlet (self cleaning), durable ABS deck, high rise kit, extension handlebar, transport wheel and anti-vibration handlebars kit. Weighing 32kg, Hayter Scarifiers built with the Briggs & Stratton engine comes with a number of fixed cutting blades, 5 settings, height adjustment system with single lever, generous collection bag, OPC and ergonomic & foldable handlebar.

Warranty Information:

The Hayter lawn mowers come with a homeowner warranty of 1 to 3 years with a commercial warranty of 90 days to 1 year (also for tractor/ride-ons).

Looking for a Hayter Lawn mower? Just take a look at some of the Hayter Lawn mower models that we have listed at the top of this section to get the best deals and cheapest prices by comparing their individual features, technical specifications and prices.

Lawn mower models from Hayter:

  • Electric: Envoy 36, Spirit 41
  • Real roller: Envoy 36, Spirit 41 (Electric/Push/Autodrive), Harrier 41(Push/Autodrive VS/Autodrive ES VS), Harrier 48 (Autodrive VS/Autodrive ES VS), Harrier 48 BBC (Autodrive VS), Harrier 48 Pro (Autodrive), Harrier 56 (Autodrive VS/Autodrive ES VS), Harrier 56 BBC (Autodrive VS),Harrier 56 Pro (Autodrive)
  • Four wheel rotary mowers: Spirit 41 (Four Wheel), Motif 41 (Push), Motif 48 (Push/Autodrive), Motif 53 (Autodrive), R48 (Recycling Mower VS/VS ES), R53S (Recycling Mower VS ES), Ranger 48 (Autodrive), Ranger 53(Autodrive 4 Speed), Ranger 53 Pro(Autodrive VS), 21" Heavy Duty, Hayterette, Ranger 3 in 1(Autodrive)
  • Ride-on Cylinder mower: CT2120, CT2140, LT3240, T4240
  • Ride-on Rotary mower: Grandstand, Z450, G3, Z580, GM7200 Range, GM7210 Range, GM360, R3240T

•    Ride-ons/Tractors:

  • Ride-on Cylinder Ride-ons/Tractors: Heritage M10/30, Heritage 13/30, Heritage RS82, Heritage RS102H, RT380H, RZT420H
  • Trailed Cylinder Tractors: TM5490, TM7490
  • Walk behind mowers: Grandstand (Grandstand & Compact Grandstand), Harrier 48 Pro (Autodrive VS), Harrier 56 Pro (Autodrive), Harrier 56 (Autodrive VS), Ranger 53 Pro (Autodrive VS), Condor, Mid-Size (32RD, 36RD, 48RD & Flail)    
  • Toro-walk-behind mowers: Grandstand, 21" Heavy Duty, 66cm Hi-Vac, Mid Size (36" SD Gear & Hydro Drive), Mid-Size (32RD, 36RD,48RD & Flail)
  • Petrol Hovers: XR44, 446 Hovertrim, 450 Professional, 453 Professional
  • Scarifier :Scarifier-SP36

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