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  • About Makita Lawn Mowers

From a humble start as a small repair shop in Japan way back in 1915, Makita has expanded widely across the globe and celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2005 with a great record of inventions and innovations. Makita Lawn mowers are available as petrol and electrical mower versions. A summary of some of the general features of Makita electrical lawn mowers include durable, 3-cut’ system, UV resistant polypropylene housing, integrated carrying/ergonomic handle, excellent grass box mounting (for convenient discharging), solid steel housing, 3-step adjustable handle (selected models) and sealed ball bearings. You will find the electrical lawn mowers more suitable for smaller lawn areas.

Powered by Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines, some of the key features that you may find in the Makita petrol lawn mowers include solid steel/aluminium deck, 4-cut system (PLM4601 only), soft grip, easy-start pull cord (with right hand control handle), ergonomically built/braced handle, crank shaft bearing guard (PLM5113 model only) and metal wheels (plus bearing) and these mowers weigh between 23 kg and 52 kg. The petrol lawn mowers are designed for areas up to 2,500 sq m.

Weighing about 97.5 kg and based on 24 flail shaft cutting mechanism, the self-propelled Makita Flail lawn mower is another popular lawn mower in its line-up. Makita Scarifiers which are of electrical and push drive systems weigh around 30kg and are built with Briggs & Stratton engine, 0-20 cutting height (UV380 only), wheel of larger diameter and generous collection box.

The Maktrac PTM0900, PTM1002, PTM1000 lawn tractors are ideal for lawn sizes of 4,000 sq metres, 5000 sq metres and 6,000 sq metres respectively and are designed with several benefits including 13.5 -20 hp engine, peerless transmission & drive, twin blades, hydrostatic drive system (selected models), pneumatic tyres, suitable adjustable cutting heights, generously sized lever control grass box, light steering and 4-cut mowing features (mulch, cut/collect grass & leaves).

Warranty Information:

All Makita lawn mowers are covered under a manufacturer warranty for a period of one year starting from the original purchase date.

Makita lawn mowers are available in this section at cheap prices from leading online shops, retailers and merchants in the UK. All you have to do is to click on the individual models at the top of the section and compare their prices, technical features and specifications to get the best deal on these models.

Lawn Mower models from Makita:

  • Electric lawn mowers: ELM3310, ELM4110
  • Petrol lawn mowers: PLM4110, PLM4611, PLM4612, PLM5113, PLM4601, PLM4811
  • Flail mower: FLG5000
  • Scarifiers: EUV400 (petrol), UV380
  • Maktrac’ ride-on lawn tractors: PTM0900, PTM1002, PTM1000
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