• Qualcast Easi-Trak 320 Electric Mower

About Qualcast Easi-Trak 320 Electric Mower

Qualcast Easi-Trak 320 Electric Mower

This light weight result oriented Qualcast Easi-Trak 320 Electric Mower suits for the maintenance of small lawns in different styles. Exceptionally powerful is the motor with 1000 Watts with the power drive system that is great for the small lawns. With the blade width of 32 cm and the cutting height of 20mm to 60mm the lawn can be maintained with lesser efforts. The cutting height can be adjusted to three different height settings and that is possible with just the change of the lever. When it comes to handling, the complements are for the fold down type and the adjustable handles. Along with these are present the integrated carry handles.

Be it for the lawn maintenance, stripped effect, mowing the edges and collector the Qualcast Easi-Trak 320 Electric Lawn Mower is ideal choicel. The grass collector is present in the rear side and made of hard plastic box that holds the capacity of 28 litres of grass clippings. With the lavish electric cable that comes fitted in this model goes for 10m which is about 32 feet. The manufacturer offers a guarantee of 5 years for the parts.

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