Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Electric Mower

About Flymo: It is more than 4 decades that the company is been indulging in the innovation of garden care product. Back during 1956 was when its first hovercraft was put to a successful trial and this took the company with consistency for winning the selling note of 1 million products during 2000 in the [...]

Flymo Vision Compact 380 Hover Lawn Mower

Flymo Vision Compact 380 Hover Lawn Mower from the leading company of lawn maintenance products has been catagorised in the electric hover models. This is a light and easy way of mowing that is ideal for the small sized lawns. It can even get into the difficult areas like under the bush or the close [...]

Flymo Visimo Electric Lawn Mower Review

Anything from the leaders is always unique and selective, so is Flymo Visimo Electric  Lawn Mower that belongs to the electric series of mowers. Made for the small to medium sized lawn it bursts with features and conveniences to impress the many who love the green space at homes. Kicking left and right for the [...]

Qualcast Suffolk Punch Electric 12-inch Lawnmower Review

Ever since its existence during 1928, Qualcast took a perfect form in trading industry of lawnmowers. Currently its establishment spread large and wide turning its customers with trust and service. Qualcast Suffolk Punch Electric 12″ Lawnmower is a special feature added type in the lawn mower industry. This hand propelled lawnmower gets on the lawn [...]

Flymo Multimo 360XC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Flymo having originated before 4 decades has set a strong foot in the gardening products industry. In due course it also became a part of Electrolux and has been recorded as the launcher of the first electric hover mower in the world. Awards and positive reception added its credentials to capture the 1 million customers [...]