Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Lawn Mower

The repeated lawn maintenance in the home stretch might have seemed to have stolen a lot of time for a many until they discovered an efficient lawn mower. Ryobi is one among the largest brand in the world, they have geared up for the sustainable development and hence each of its products comes with full realisation. Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Petrol Lawn Mower is domestic equipment which is said to perform better than expected; it is possible to get more details on this product in the following review.


Like any other model of this brand this mower is also bound with the environmental consideration. It is made of robust deck which is yellow in colour. The grass bag is made of fabric material which allows more fillings than the hard box type of collectors. The cutting system is rotary and it works with the petrol fuel. The highlight of Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Mulching Lawn Mower is the 3in1 function.

Drive and Engine:

This petrol operated engine sets the user free from the tangling electric wires and it gives the cordless advantage. The engine equipped is of make Subaru of 175CC. This is powerful and gives a quick and easy mowing experience. The mower is been operated with self-propelled system and hence it gets on the perfect control of the user.

Cutting Details:

The cutting width which this mower can give is 46cm which is suitable for the mid-sized lawns. It speeds up the mowing process and saves much on the energy and time. It also gives the option to set variable cutting height from 19mm to 76mm among which 7 different settings can be made. The cutting height adjustment can be made with the single point adjustment which is simple and easy.


The 3 different functions of Ryobi RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Self-Propelled Lawn Mower are cutting and collection in which the grass clippings are cut and collected in the grass bag which is present in the rear side. The grass clippings are collected to the maximum and can be discharge later. On the other hand the side discharge option is also available in which the grass clippings that are cut are disposed off in the side discharge. Another interesting and efficient cutting system is the mulching option which is available. In this option the grass clippings are further cut into tiny bits and are left back into the soil to add the nutrients of the soil. This makes it healthy for both the environment and the lawn.

Other Product Details:

This model has bumpers which protect the mower during the times of cutting close to the hard surface. This keeps the housing free from dents and hits. The weight of this equipment is just 32.5kg which serves well to carry it easily. The mulching function which is a re-distribution is a healthy option which acts as a natural fertilizer. The standard equipment which is been provided with this model are the 55 litres capacity grass bag and a mulching plug.

Mower Specifications

Manufacturer Ryobi
Model Name RLM4617SM Subaru 175CC Lawn Mower
Mower Type Rotary
Blade Type Metal Blade
Discharge 3 in 1
Engine model Petrol, Subaru 175 CC
Cutting Width in cm 46
Cutting heights in mm 19mm to 76mm
Functions Collector, mulch (Optional) and side discharge
Drive Self-Propelled
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Height adjustment Yes – 7 positions
Folding Handle Yes
Starter Ready electric start
Safety Lock-off Switch Yes
Ball bearing wheels Yes
Lawn size Medium
Weight 32.5 kg
Grass bag capacity 55 litres
Bumpers Yes
Standard equipment 55 litre grass bag, mulching plug

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

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