Massey Ferguson MF30-15RH Lawn Tractor

Massey Ferguson being a part of AGCO Corporation is one of the biggest name in the manufacture of farm equipments. It is been spread across 140 countries since its establishment since 15 decades. With the innovation in technology and best of design it has introduced many revolutionary products which include the tractors and other integrated units. The recent products are the compact tractors and the power shuttles which have been built with high quality and reliable technology. Massey Ferguson MF30-15RH Ride-On Lawn Tractor does impress many domestic users and more on it can be obtained in the following review.


This model gives a distinguished performance with its sturdy deck, engine and the cutting blades. It does a relatively fast operation and makes it simple to even mow up to two acres in a simplified manner. The power of the high performing engine does the 3 in 1 functions easily. Designed in the ride-on style it gives a good seat to go about mowing. It is been operated with the steering control. The red housing gives a contrasting effect to the environment and it makes it attractive too. It does consist of the head lights and the lights are soft during operation. The frame of this mower is low and it allows to easily stepping through without difficulty.

Engine and Drive:

The engine that is been equipped in Massey Ferguson MF30-15RH Mulching Lawn Tractor is Kohler 15 hp which is powerful and it gives hydrostatic drive which is way comfortable compared to the manual transmission. This model is been operated with the petrol fuel. It also gives an easy electric key start that puts it on in no time.

Cutting Aspects:

The cutting deck measures 76cm which gives the cutting width of 76cm which is on the higher side and mowing large sized lawns is possible. The cutting height can be set in the variable positions which range from 76mm to 127 mm. This is an interesting feature as it gives more options for the user to design the lawn look.


The feature part comes as the prime consideration for any equipment and it goes great when the product is enriched with great many features.

  • Tight turning circles gives a drive with zero turn and even in places which is tight and narrow makes it possible to come out easily.
  • Floating cutting deck gives a better cut to the lawns and it goes making the lawn space perfect.
  • Silent operation makes it a welcoming one as it works for long hours without disturbing the close neighbourhood too. This is possible with the efficient motor and the hydrostatic transmission.
  • Turf saving wheels makes the mowing process without bringing in damage to the grass and the green area. It also gives smooth operation even on uneven landscape and hence handling this mower is easy and it suits all types of green space.
  • The adjustment of the cutting height is possible and it is adjusted with the change of the knob which is simple and straightforward.
  • The seat is adjustable in both ways making it best suitable for the user and the steering does come with the soft padding for the sure grip.

Other product details:

Massey Ferguson MF30-15RH Rear-Discharge Lawn Tractor gives 3 in 1 operation as it allows the user to collect the grass clipping in the grass collector, the mulching option is also available where in the grass clippings are further cut into tiny pieces and is been left behind the lawns to serve as the nutrients. Another function is the rear discharge which just leaves the grass clipping behind without collecting or mulching. The grass bag can hold the capacity of 210 litres which is huge and it goes uninterrupted for longer hours.

Overall, this model is great for large sized lawns and it is for the residential use. It makes the mundane task of lawn maintenance interesting and fun filled.

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Massey Ferguson MF30-15RH Lawn Tractor – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Model Name MF30-15RH Lawn Tractor
Type Ride-on
Colour Red
Electric start Electric key
Engine Kohler 15 hp
Cutting Width in cm 76 cm
Cutting heights in mm 76 – 127 mm
Grass bag capacity 210 litres
Head lights Yes
Functions 3 in 1 deck – mulching, rear discharge, collection
Transmission Hydrostatic
Features Tight turning circles
Floating cutting deck
Silent operation
Turf saving wheels
Smooth operation even on uneven landscape
Easy to adjust cutting height
Lavish grass collector
Adjustable seat
Soft padded steering
Electric start
Steel construction for robust structure
Noise Emission Low
Turning radius Zero turn
Application Residential use

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

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