Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower Review

Robomow, the brand name otherwise known as Friendly Robotix, laid its foundation in 1995. They have brought in many cost effective products for the domestic lawn care. Here is the product which works automatically and suitable for large scale lawn maintenance for the domestic use. The following is review of Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn [...]

Toro 20817 Automatic Drive Lawn Mower

Almost a century experience is the maker of this model 20817 Automatic Drive Domestic Lawn Mower – ‘Toro’, the brand existing worldwide is been specialised in the garden equipment segment. This product designed for the homeowners allows maintaining the green space without the need to call the professionals. With the different styles, the garden can [...]

Mowbot 300BL4 Robotic Lawn Mower

300BL4 РAutomatic, Battery Powered Lawn Mower from MowBot This is an all-new model from Mowbot and it is not only made to be called small but this small device has surprised the market and had spread across the world with a revolution in many people’s desire. Wonder not about its features, as it is [...]