Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower Review

Robomow, the brand name otherwise known as Friendly Robotix, laid its foundation in 1995. They have brought in many cost effective products for the domestic lawn care. Here is the product which works automatically and suitable for large scale lawn maintenance for the domestic use. The following is review of Robomow RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower.


Compact in structure with the unique ability to maintain the lawn automatically is the highlight of this product. This model has a yellow colour housing and takes the dimension of 890mm in length, 665mm in width and 315mm in height.  The weight of the unit is 23.7 kg and the weight of power pack is 13.2 kg. This combination makes it compact equipment which also makes a packed together storage.

Functions and Technologies:

Robomow RL555 Automatic Yellow Colour Lawn Mower is been equipped with mulching systems. It consists of heavy duty innovative 3 blades, which helps in the mulching system. This function helps to add more nutrients to the lawn as the grass clippings are cut into smaller pieces and are left behind the lawn.

The safety of the mower is ensured with its sensors that are present in the bumpers; mower lifted deduction and also has a child lock. It is capable of identifying the obstacles like rocks and even trees. All of these are possible with a one time organising of peg wire around the edges of the lawn. The mower recognises the wire with its sensor and stays with in the wire space.

Technical Details:

The cutting height can be set in the choice of minimum 20mm to a maximum of 57mm. This helps to give a novel appearance to the lawn over and over again. The blade speed is 5800 RPM and the blade replacement is simple which requires absolutely no tooling. The mower has 53cm as the total cutting width and it is been supported with 3 blades. The motor embedded has the power of 3×150 Watts. This model functions with the battery power and has a maintenance-free “Drop and Go” 24 Volts battery. The average work time this power pack can offer is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes with the charging time of 20 hours. This model is suitable for all types of lawn and the recommended lawn size is 600sq. metres for application.


The lift sensor present in Robomow RL555 Automatic 53cm Cutting Width Lawn Mower stops the rotations of the blades instantly when the mover is lifted. The bumpers sensors capable of sensing the bumps present around the lawn. The over current monitoring protection protects the equipments from getting over heat. A buzzer is present which intimates before the departure and it is heard for 5 minutes which warns the people to clear the area. Further present is the anti-theft guard for additional safety.

Overall, this model is innovative and convenient for use, it gives more of free time and it is also safe for operations. The cutting edge technology works at its best to bring a beautiful looking lawn. It is also environment friendly and has easy to use interface with the LCD display panel and audio.

Robomow RL555 Specifications

Manufacturer Robomow
Model Name RL555 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
Mower Type Automatic
Dimension (L x W x H)mm 890 x 665 x 315 mm
Cutting height 20-57mm
Colours available Yellow
Weight Unit – 23.7kg; power pack – 13.2kg
Charging Automatic
Water resistance Yes
Lawn size Up to 600 sq. m
Interface Illuminated LCD display panel and audio, easy to use menus
Mowing type Patented mulching system
Blade speed 5800 RPM
Cutting width 53cm
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Noise level 76.6 db
Remote Yes
Slopes Up to 15 degrees
Rain sensor Yes
Power pack Exclusive drop and go 24 volt batteries
2 x 17 AH sealed lead acid
Charging time 20 hours approximately
Work time 2:10 hours
Wheel drive Smooth
Safety features Automatic operation
Child guard
Lift sensor
Sensors equipped bumpers
Perimeter switch
Over current monitoring protection
Automatic warning alert
Tilt sensor
Anti-theft guard
Environment friendly

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

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