Stiga Garden SR63 EV Lawn Mower Review

Stiga experienced over 7 decades brings in more green options along with its wide range of products. They bring in many models of various types, style and technology while they advice on the green way and so is the option of mulching offered to most of its models as an additional kit. Justifying this statement [...]

Stiga Garden SC 6365 EV Ride On Lawn Mower Review

Stiga, with the heritage of 75 years from 1939 has proved in its excellence. They are popular with its products lawnmowers, lawn tractors and other garden maintenance. Stiga manufactures models of different type with different functions, size, efficiency and features. Among the ride-on mowers, which is known as the most convenient and luxury mower gives [...]

Stiga Villa 14 HST Lawn Mower Review

Stiga is an establishment for over 75 years in the field of garden machinery. They are specialised in the lawn mowers, lawn tractors and other garden machinery. In the lawn mower segment they offer a wide range of products with different features in the lawn care. Right from the basic models to the one that [...]

Stiga Combi 46 Hand Propelled Lawnmower

This brand ‘Stiga’ having been owned by the ‘GGP Group’ are the leading manufacturer of wide range of lawnmowers. Having been specialised in the garden equipment segment they include lawn mowers, lawn tractors and garden equipment in they product line. With the promise of quality and reliability they are been distributed across the globe. This [...]

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S Svan Lawn Mower

The brand ‘Stiga’ is well equipped to tap the market frequently with its innovations and increases the competition in the segment of garden maintenance products. It is not far in design, style, functions and technology; with the up-to-the-minute technology, it impresses the user with its products. Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S Svan Lawn Mower is [...]