Wolf-Garten Select 5300A Petrol Lawn Mower

The success story of Wolf-Garten is impressive and motivation as they have proved exemplary in the field of Garten equipments. For more than 8 decades the trend maintained in the red and yellow colour gives it products a unique recognition. They have geared up themselves with the high-tech research institute and development programmes which means [...]

Wolf-Garten Li-Ion Power 34 Lawn Mower Review

Precisely, Wolf-Garten Li-Ion Power 34 Cordless Lawn Mower can be defined as a quality product with high grade material, excellent workmanship and stylish design. The maker has also given a touch of light weight and compactness for this model allowing it for easy storage and easy maneuverability. Another important highlight is that is works with [...]

Wolf-Garten 2.32 E-1 Electric Lawnmower

Brand: Wolf-Garden It is been more than 8 decades that this company in red and yellow was been established. They are the brand that supplies wide range of products for the gardening activities in Europe. The largest lawn research site in Europe uses the technology and care from Wolf-Garden and further Germany during 1990 won [...]

Wolf-Garten Hybrid Power 40 Lawn Mower Review

Hybrid Power 40 – Battery cum Electric, Mulching, Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Wolf-Garten Hybrid Power 40 Lawn Mower enters into competition with many established brands and models; it stands with the spirit of being known for its reliability, technology and performance along with its aesthetic look. Certainly, few facet found in this model puts it as [...]

Wolf-Garten Compact Plus Power Edition 40E-1 Lawn Mower

Wolf-Garten Compact Plus Electric Power Edition 40E-1 Lawn Mower Wolf Garden Compact Plus Electric Power Edition 40E-1 Lawn Mower was been introduced during the year 2008 by the company ‘Wolf Garden’ as a solution to maintain the complicated green area at homes. In a general view a good lawn mower should be featured with Compactness [...]