Wolf-Garten Select 5300A Petrol Lawn Mower

The success story of Wolf-Garten is impressive and motivation as they have proved exemplary in the field of Garten equipments. For more than 8 decades the trend maintained in the red and yellow colour gives it products a unique recognition. They have geared up themselves with the high-tech research institute and development programmes which means greater potential to dominate the world in the Garden equipment sector. The models in the lawnmowers are variety with different operational modes and Wolf-Garten Select 5300A Petrol Lawnmower which is been reviewed is fuelled with the petrol power. A read further gives more details of this product.


This model is reliable and attractive in its trendy colour combination of red and yellow. It is made of metal chassis which keeps it going new for years to come. The engine, drive and the handle are friendly and designed for excellence. The weight of this product is 42kg. This is suitable for the middle to the large sized lawns. It proves its stand when put on the drive for the domestic use.

Engine and Power:

Wolf-Garten Select 5300A Self-Propelled Lawnmower has an integrated engine of type 4 stroke OHV engine which has the power of 2600 Watts. It works with the petrol fuel and hence is not been corded. It keeps away the trouble of the length cords which are experienced in the electrically operated mowers.


This model works as a self propelled drive system which boosts it power with the single speed gear. One can easily move without much efforts and also stopping instantly is also possible.

Cutting system:

This model functions in the rotary style of cutting system which gives the green space a perfect cut and finish. The cutting width is 53cm which is good enough to quicken the mowing task better than the models of lower cutting width. The cutting height is variable and it allows the adjustment with the help of a single wheel. It allows 6 different settings which starts from 20mm and goes up to 90mm.

Grass collector:

The grass collector which is present in the rear side is made of fabric material with the hard plastic cover. The fabric material allows breathing and is also light in weight. It is quite large with the capacity of 80 litres and hence the complete mowing task can be handled before emptying it. This means fewer trips to empty the grass bag.


This model allows cutting and collecting function along with the rear discharge. In case of cutting and collecting the grass clipping which are cut directly goes into the grass collector for future emptying. The rear discharge option can be chosen where in the cut grass clipping are discharged leaving it back in the lawn through the rear side and this acts as the nutrients. However if the grass size is small this works neat else it might effect the look of the lawn but it gives the option of mulching. The mulching kit is optional in which the grass clippings are further cut into smaller clipping and are left behind which makes the lawn healthy and most desirable.

Overall, Wolf-Garten Select 5300A Mulching Lawnmower is great for the domestic use and proves in both functional abilities and design. It also adheres to the safety features and it offers the mulching kit as optional extra. The handle is foldable and also adjustable which promotes compact storage.

Wolf-Garten 5300A Specifications

Manufacturer Wolf-Garten
Model Name Select 5300A Petrol Lawnmower
Mower Type Rotary Cordless Mower
Weight 42 kg
Power source Petrol
Engine power 4-Stroke OHV engine
Cutting Width 53 cm
Grass bag capacity 80 litres
Machine output 2600 Watts
Variable Cutting Height Yes
Height adjustment Up to 6 settings from 20mm – 90mm
Folding Handle Yes
Height adjustable handle Yes
Safety Lock-off Switch Yes
Mulching Optional
Height adjustment Single wheel
Grass bag fill indicator Yes
Drive Self-propelled – 1 speed gear 3.5km/h
Optional extra Mulching kit

Monday, June 25th, 2012

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